Boracay Island

Do you know that there is a wonderful island that located in Philippines that can help you to really enjoy your summer time with your friends or your family? Boracay Island is a small island that located 315 km away from south of Manila and 2 km away from the nothwest tip of Panay Islan. This small island can give you a summer pleasure that you can’t get in another place. The white sand and the blue sea can really make you to never want to leave this place. You really want to stay in this place as long as you want and enjoy the beauty of the beach that you can’t get in another island in the whole world. Boracay Island already receive a lot of awards from several travel agencies. Many people and travel agencies always recommended people who need a relaxing time in a beach to come to Boracay Island and get their relaxing time in this island. This island is become the most famous destination for those who need a relaxation place.

There is a lot of sports that people can do in Boracay Island. This island already used as a venue for a lot of sport and usually, the sport is held for a week long with many people come and see the sports championship. There are several popular sport that always held in Boracay Island. First is Asian Games Centennial Festival. It is a sport festival that held for already 32 times in this island. And the second one is Philippine Swimming League. This is a swimming league that held ar Boracay Island on 27 April 2014. There are a lot of swimming teams from Philippine who join to this league. And all team are come from a different region in Philippines.

Taal volcano

There is a complex volcano that located in the island of Luzon in Philippines. It is called as Taal volcano. Taal volcano is the second most actives volcano in Philippines that has 33 historical eruptions. These eruptions are mostly concentrated on Volcano Island that near the middle of Taal Lake. Taal Lake is partially fills Taal Caldera that alreaddy formed by a prehistoric eruptions between 140.000 and 5380 BP. Taal volcano has several violent eruptions that can cause a big loss of life of the people who live in the island around the the lake. All the volcanoes on Philippines is known as a part of Pacific Ring of Fire, and Taal volcano is also included in the list. Now this volcano is in its sleep time. Taal volcano stop its activities since 1977 until now. But there is several activities that still done by Taal volcano in several years later.

In 2011, the alert level of Taal volcano was raised from level 1 to level 2. This is working from almost eleven weeks. This phenomenon is happen due to the increasing of seismicity on the Volcano Island. The Frequency later peaked to about 115 tremors on May 30 with the maximum intensity at IV. And in 24 may 2011, the measurement shows that the lake temperature is increased and the pH values are slightly more acidic with the water levels become 4 cm higher. Then, one year before, in 2010, the volcano seismicity is also increasing its level to level 2. The Crater lake temperature was increased by 3 degree celcius above the normal rate. In 2009, even though there is no volcanic quakes that occur, people still need to becareful since sometimes the quakes may suddenly happen without knowing the exact time. And the level is stay in level 1.

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